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Signature Installs Structure at Tooele Army Depot

Tooele Army Depot TFS Structure Install


In 2009, the US Army’s Edgewood Chemical Biological Center purchased a TFS style tension fabric structure system for use in connection with a project at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Edgewood, MD. For various reasons, the structure was never deployed.  It was kept in storage and in January of 2016 another project, this one located at Tooele Army Depot in Utah offered the Army the opportunity to utilize the structure system.  However, it was unclear whether the original company that sold the structure was still capable of installing it.  Also, no original drawings or specifications were available to assist whomever would eventually be installing the structure system.  The Army also did not know if all of the necessary parts to properly install it were still intact.


The Army clearly needed a company with both the expertise and experience to ensure that all of the parts needed to safely and properly install the system were present or could be procured, and could potentially install the system without the construction drawings and specifications that would typically be present. When the Army reviewed the Statement of Qualifications submitted by Signature Structures, it was clear that they were the right company for the job.  All of Signature’s personnel, from the owner to the engineers, to the installers in the field had extensive knowledge of the TFS system and decades of experience.


The main structure is approx. 60’x41′ with a roll-up door and single personnel door on one end and a roll-up door and double personnel door on the other end. Attached to the double personnel door is approx. 42’x10′ structure with 2 internal single doors and a door at the end. On the other end of the main structure is approx. 20’x15′ structure that connects against the roll-up door and has its own roll-up door at the end. The structure has an outer fabric layer, an inner fabric layer, and insulation.  The first thing Signature’s site supervisor did was inspect the system on the ground and inventory all parts.  Parts that were missing or damaged were quickly and cost-effectively replaced thanks to Signature’s ability to work with a vast network of suppliers.  The structure system was then installed by a composite crew of Signature’s installers and Army provided personnel, ahead of schedule and under budget.

Customer Appreciation

The Army was extremely pleased with the results the Signature Team provided.  They provided an enthusiastic recommendation of Signature to another military branch on a similar project. If you would like a reference, do not hesitate please call us at 610.882.9030 or email us if you have any questions.