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Queen Anne’s County Relies on Signature to Maintain Structures

Queen Anne’s County Recycling and

Public Works Structures



Queen Anne’s County is located in Eastern Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay. Like many counties in the US, they rely on the low-cost, high-quality benefits of fabric structure technology to provide them with critical enclosed space for recycling and road maintenance operations. And like many counties in the US, they have discovered that many structure manufacturers are far more interested in selling new buildings than in providing critical service and maintenance on existing structures. The County owns two structures, both of which have fabric covers nearing the end of their life cycles and badly needed maintenance requirements.


The County eventually came in contact with Signature Structures. While a manufacturer ourselves, Signature’s core business is after-market service for fabric structures regardless of manufacturer or warrantee status. The County hired Signature to perform a comprehensive inspection, maintenance, and repair services for both structures as well as provide detailed reports outlining future required maintenance to assist the County in planning and budgeting for the future.


Signature provided an expert technician for a full week to perform the work. The technician performed detailed inspections of both the recycling structure on Harper Road and the salt storage structure located on Safety Road at the County’s Department of Public Works facility. Both structures showed typical signs of age– fabric tears that needed to be repaired, cables that had loosened over time, door frames that had begun to leak.  While things like fabric tears and loose cables may seem minor, the fact is that the structural stability of the overall system relies on the soundness of all aspects of construction. Signature’s technician repaired all of these issues.  In addition to these issues, there was a potentially serious condition where water was getting trapped between the fabric and the foundation wall. Over time, this could have led to dangerous erosion of the wall itself.  Since this was not a routine problem, a custom solution was fabricated by the technician and the affected area was drained and sealed.

Customer Appreciation

The client was pleased with Signature’s professionalism and attention to detail. We are currently working with them on a long –term annual maintenance agreement for both of their structures. If you would like more information or have any questions, please call us at 610.882.9030 or email us.