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The Finest in Fabric Buildings Signature Structures LLC

Why We’re Different

Signature has the best: warranties, steel framework, coating protection, membrane, engineering and design services, custom management and design/build team, and the best after sales support and maintenance services. We work with every client to determine the right solution to meet specific project goals and structural requirements. Read about the Signature Difference:


Signature Structures LLC offers the strongest long-term warranty in the business, period. Complete confidence in our design, construction personnel and materials gives us the peace of mind to offer a 15 year warranty with the first 8 years covering all materials, labor and equipment upon signed maintenance agreement. Unlike our competitors we offer the 15 year warranty as standard. Compare us to our competitors and you will see the Signature Difference.

Steel Framework

Only the highest quality heavy gauge structural steel is used in our buildings. Coated with superior galvanizing protection and ISO compliant epoxy paints, the steel frame is capable of withstanding the most corrosive industrial environment and inclement weather conditions. At Signature, we build with your safety in mind by designing a structure to pass all local loading requirements without exception.

Coating Protection

All structural steel is post hot-dip galvanized or epoxy primed and finished after fabrication. This method equally covers all surfaces of the steel, both inside and out, with a 6 – 8 mil layer of zinc or Temacoat BH paint. Post fabrication coating guarantees a corrosion free steel structure for a minimum of 15 years. Most competitors choose to apply a thin layer of zinc while the steel is being formed. Although this procedure is less expensive, it only provides a fraction of the protection and will ultimately cost more money to replace. Our complete coating coverage after production ensures long-term quality.


Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) fabric is a fire retardant/self-extinguishing and self-cleaning fabric that is the industry standard for quality structures. It passes NFPA701 and ASTM E84 Fire Codes. Pre-constraint technology gives the fabric high tensile strength and gives it the capability to maintain tension in extreme climates. UV inhibitors and other high quality top coats prolong membrane life. We separate ourselves from the competition by impregnating an ultraviolet protecting, Acrylic/PVDF top coat. The Acrylic/PVDF coating has the highest bonding ratio to PVC, eliminating the delaminating effects that results from lower quality top coats. PVC is available in a variety of colors or in a white translucent to allow for evenly distributed, natural light.

Engineering and Design Services

Signature’s pre-engineered and custom structures are independently designed to meet all local, environmental and building code requirements – including IBC’s 2003 new stringent minimum requirements for 20 lb per square foot live load for all structures. Once the structural drawings and calculations are completed, third party engineering reviews and stamps our design to ensure an unbiased interpretation of structural and code requirements. Structures have been engineered for wind speeds in excess of 160mph and snow loads 100 lbs per square foot. Collateral loads can be designed into the framing to allow for most internal applications. Modular capabilities of a Signature structure allow for relatively easy transporting and relocation with the ability to be expanded or reduced in length.

Construction Management & Design/Build Team

Signature offers construction management services ranging from structure design and installation to complete turnkey solutions. Project Management packages can include but are not limited to soils analysis, surveying, civil and electrical work, and custom integration.

After Sales Support and Maintenance Services

Signature offers a service and maintenance and partner programs to all fabric building owners. We have successfully refurbished membrane structures from other manufacturers. If you experience less than satisfactory results with other companies we maybe able to help re-new your building, aid in heat loss or condensation issues, membrane replacement or relocation. We offer lucrative programs for membrane structure owners to join our team and have references that can attest to professionalism and responsiveness.