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The Finest in Fabric Buildings Signature Structures LLC

Industrial, Commercial and Aviation Facilities

Signature Structures provide the ultimate solution for a wide variety of industrial applications.  With unobstructed clear span widths to 300’+ and any length imaginable, they offer the kind of flexible wide open space required for warehouses, maintenance facilities, and airplane hangars.  The fact that they are modular, relocatable, and require very little in the way of foundations make them perfect for temporary requirements such as military deployments, long term construction projects, and hazardous waste enclosures.  On the permanent side, their rapid installation and limited required site work lower costs and the steel or aluminum frame allow you to mount any type of man doors or cargo doors without the use of expensive and inconvenient air locks, as well as mount conveyors or cranes from the interior truss work, all of which are not available with air bubble structures.  Available translucent fabric roofs cut down on utility costs by allowing daytime operation with little or no artificial light.

For commercial applications, Signature Structures are an excellent solution for expo centers, boat or car showrooms/storage buildings, marketplace pavilions, and many more.

Industrial Applications Include:

  • Civilian/Commercial/Military Airplane Hangers
  • Aircraft Maintenance Facilities
  • Baggage Handling Facilities
  • Warehousing
  • Paint Shops
  • Vehicle Storage and Maintenance
  • Rapid Deployment Requirements
  • Hazardous Waste Storage/Remediation

Commercial Applications Include:

  • Temporary/permanent expo halls
  • Car/Boat showrooms and storage buildings


  • Rapid Installation
  • Limited Foundation Requirements
  • Relocatable
  • Clearspan to 300′ + without interior columns
  • Cost Effective