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At Signature Structures We



Design Engineer, Manufacture and Install High-End Tension Fabric Structures For The Permanent And Temporary Building Markets, As Well As Offering Complete After-Sale Services For All Fabric Structure Owners, Regardless Of Original Manufacturer.

Signature Structures is a team of experienced professionals who bring decades of experience to virtually every aspect of the fabric structure industry. As individuals and with our partners, we have been the driving force behind some of the most successful and unique projects ever undertaken. We provide design, engineering, manufacturing and installation services for a full range of pre-engineered and custom fabric building options, including a steel frame, aluminum frame, and architectural tensile fabric structures. The Signature Team provides a total design/build solution to selective clients in search of quality structures and professional service.  From concept to completion we obsess over the details to ensure a final product that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations every time.

In addition, we offer existing building owners the most professional and comprehensive inspection, maintenance, repair and retrofit services in the entire industry.  Where other manufacturers shy away from providing these services for even their own structures, Signature proudly offers our Annual Maintenance Program as well as other services to any fabric structure owner, regardless of who manufactured their structure. Retrofit and Refurbish services include membrane replacement, structural additions, upgraded lighting and doors, insulation, HVAC and general maintenance.


All Structures are engineered to meet all building codes, with winds loads of up 160 mph and snow loads exceeding 50 lbs. psf.  Other features and benefits include:

  • Modular and relocatable
  • Available in widths from 30’ to 300’ to any length imaginable
  • Can be designed to meet wind and snow load requirements for any locale
  • Limited foundation requirements
  • Tax and permitting benefits may be available due to the modular nature of fabric construction
  • Rapid installation: Design to completion in as little as 10-12 weeks

Accessories include interior liner and insulation systems, lighting, doors, fire suppression, foundation design, hybrid wall systems and interior build out.

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