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Existing Owners

Are you worried that your structure does not meet code?

Signature will perform a structural analysis to determine if your building is overstressed. If so, Signature will determine a solution that meets current IBC Compliance and be considerate of ongoing operations.

Is your membrane damaged?

Signature has the engineering expertise to replace membrane on any frame-supported fabric structure regardless of size, brand or age.

Does your building move?

Structural components loosen overtime. Signature’s annual checkup and maintenance programs will address all tensioning issues.

Does your building leak?

The membrane is probably torn. Some lower quality fabrics can develop what is called “starburts” which are tiny holes that develop across the entire roof panel that allow you to see beams of light. If that’s the case, it is time for a new skin.

Is your structure experiencing dampness or condensation?

Signature offers an experienced solution to properly ventilate the structure with a warranted system.

Is heating and cooling your structure more than anticipated?

Signature provides a heat loss/energy savings P&L Report with a solution to maximize energy usage in your structure.

Are your doors not closing completely?

It may be time for a different door system. Signature will work with you to determine if the existing doors can be salvaged or a new system is required.

Do you want to be sure your structure performs year after year?

Signature offers an Annual Maintenance Program to ensure that your structure meets your expectation and goals.

Are you ready to revitalize your structure?

Signature will design a premium lighting system specific to your layout, replace failing doors, refurbish or replace your current HVAC System, replace the membrane, and/or add custom logos.

Can I add onto my Existing Structure?

Yes. Signature can address any size expansion plan. If expansion plans are for traditional construction, Signature will act as a consult to aid in the most efficient integration.

Does your structure need to be relocated?

Signature’s installation crews have experience installing and dismantling a variety of frames and fabrics.