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The Finest in Fabric Buildings Signature Structures LLC

Fabric Structure Maintenance, Refurbishment, And Repair

Signature Structures is the industry leader in the inspection, repair, maintenance and refurbishment of existing fabric structures, regardless of manufacturer.  It is our core business and no company in the industry performs more of this type of work than we do.  From the initial design and fabrication of the replacement fabric and associated hardware to the installation by expert Signature technicians, Signature is the go-to company  to restore your structure to like new condition.   A partial list of our inspection, maintenance and repair services includes:

Annual Maintenance Services

  • Inspection
  • Minor Membrane Repair
  • Structural Tensioning
  • Exterior Washing
  • Warranty of Work Performed

Retrofit and Refurbish Services

  • Membrane Replacement
  • Entrance Ways
  • Lighting Plans
  • Electrical & Mechanical Upgrades
  • Insulation & Cavity Ventilation
  • Structural Expansion
  • Interior Build-out
  • Relocation
  • Warranty of Work Performed

Code Compliance Services

  • Structural Analysis
  • Cost Conscious Compliance Solutions
  • Increased Collateral Loading Capabilities
  • Revised Calculations and P.E. Stamped Drawings
  • Warranty of Work Performed




Rest assured that your structure is in good hands with the Signature Team.