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Seminole Equine Facility

Having contracted 4 structures with Signature Structures, it became evident to the Seminole Tribe of Florida that Signature offered the best solution to meet the tribe’s gymnasium needs. Knowing the tribe would continue to use Signature as their only source for tension fabric structures, Signature ownership decided to further build the relationship by donating the frame and fabric to a new facility. Acting as a multipurpose Fitness Center adjacent to the local Children’s Center, the facility has received rave reviews and usage by both individuals and families.

The 50’ x 80’ structure was build to maximize interior space. On the border of recognized wetlands, the environmental impact was considered during the design phase. The structure was designed to have a higher roof slope to incorporate a 2 story office within the facility and utilization of the structures cavity to allow for separate HVAC zones between office and gymnasium floor. Signature worked hard in coordination with the general contractor to allow for all the structures infrastructure to be done in a coordinated manner to maximize cost savings for the client.

The 50’ x 80’ structure was engineered to meet the harsh element of Miami Dade County. A complete HVAC system with R -19 Insulation makes the building tolerable to the tough Florida heat. A Fire suppression system ensures the safety of the occupants. The interior is built out with locker rooms, restrooms, office space and second story viewing deck.. Hard wood floors and a custom entrance canopy complete Tribal Logo. Second story viewing area.

Customer Appreciation
The Seminole Tribe has been very excited and pleased with the facility designed custom to meet 163mph hurricane force winds. During construction, Signature supported the project and worked with the general contractor, architect and The Tribe to incorporate changes and revisions throughout the process. They revised concrete foundation design to meet more cost efficient installations and aided in many of the recommendations and changes as we moved from concept to finishing completion on the project. Signature then donated a Fitness Facility to the Youth Center in appreciation of the trust we put in them. We have worked with Signature for over two years on project of significant size and importance and they have exceeding our expectations in all aspects.
– Projects Officer, Seminole Tribe of Florida –

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